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Humbling moments and a feeling of gratitude…

Posted on: January 28th, 2011 by Matt Clarkson No Comments

Hi All

My name’s Matt Clarkson and recently I helped a friend who had been severely affected by the floods north of Ipswich as his two month old house was inundated by the floods. Totally devastated!

Along the way we had to go over the main Wyvenhoe dam which was still massively overflowing.

In my old life I was a carpenter so am pretty handy when I clip on the old nail bag. We went to Wayne’s house to remove the bottom 900 mm of plasterboard from every wall over a 700 square meter house as it was all ruined. Let me tell you it was a massive job, I had help from Amanda’s 74 year old dad (he’s an old trady too) and we just went for it.

We worked our tails off and in fact everybody out there did too and I have to say it was a pretty special feeling I had to be able to contribute in my own small way. It’s been amazing to see so many people chip in any way they could to help those in need. I also had the pleasure of being able to lend Wayne and his family our caravan for as long as he needs it to give him a comfortable place to stay in the meantime.

What I didn’t know at that stage is that we had also lost a fair amount of our stock for our business as it was warehoused at a fullfillment comapany in Brisbane. I got back to work the day after helping my friend Wayne to discover we had lost around $40,000 worth of stock ourselves.

And yet all I can really think about is the people who truly lost everything, including loved ones and think just how grateful I am to have missed the worst of it.

To everybody who contributed either financially or with time and effort a big well done. It really means a great deal to the people involved who have to somehow pick up the pieces…especially the ones who don’t have the capacity to finance the cost of the major repairs.

Matt Clarkson