Olive Farmers, Ian and Dot Roy of Coolana Olives, Hit Hard

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Coolana Grove

Coolana Grove

I don’t know about you … but Frank and I “LOVE” Australian Olive Oil! We won’t use anything else.

When I heard that one of Our Internet Secrets community members, Ian and Dot Roy’s Olive Farm – Coolana Olives – was hit hard in January 2011, I asked them how we could help … and discovered much more than I expected.

In 2008, a 1 in a 100 year flash flood hit them (170mls in two hours).  Their olive press was written off and they had to start again.

In January 2011, that’s right less than 3 years later – they were flooded again … this time 380 mls of rain in 24 hours.

I had to share their story with you …

Over a metre of muddy water came through their shop and factory when south east Queensland was turned into a big lake overnight in the second week of January 2011.  It took 5 long days to clean up the mess.

They had only just finished cleaning … when the nightmare continued … another 65 mls fell overnight. You guessed it … this sent another layer of muddy water back through the shop/ factory. That would be enough to make any spirit crack.

But … they’re not broken … they rested up … and got back in and cleaned up again.

Yes … they’ve lost a lot of olives, but they weren’t totally destroyed.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coolana Olives - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coolana Sevilanno Olives

Coolana Sevilanno Olives

Here’s what Ian said, “We still have unaffected stock and if people can support by buying our product it would be great.”

If you want to put a face and name to someone you have supported … help this Australian farm get back on its feet … you can buy online www.coolanaolives.com.au.

Have a read of their about us page … its inspirational.

They have developed lots of products that look and sound delicious … you can see that they’ve used their imagination to tempt your taste buds.

Check out their product catalogue where you can buy online and have it delivered to your door.

Visits to the olive grove are also very welcome … just give them a month to get back on track before you go and visit them at:

Lowood Minden Road, Lowood Qld 4311 (There’s a map on their about us page.)

Phone: 07) 5426 8393

Email: ianroy@coolanaolives.com.au

I hope you love olives and olive oil as much as we do … and decide to see what Ian and Dot have to offer.

Until next time … Cheers … Julie

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